Speak to Sell (But not in a salesy way)

Public speaking has often been referred to as being more scary than death. Yet speaking is one of the most powerful ways to get your message out to many and ...

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How to successfully get referrals

Would you like to get introductions to the type of clients you love working with, avoiding gatekeepers and the lack of response to your emails and voicemails. Getting ...

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Are You Delivering a Remarkable Customer Experience?

The big thing around customer experience is that what we human beings fail to recognise is that we are emotional beings, that 84% of our buying ...

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How to find the Decision Maker

Listen to my interview with Richard Higham, a most highly respected consultant in the sales and sales leadership space.

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YOU Must Be The Difference!

Most people come into selling with the vague idea that if they know their product and have a bit of the old patter, they are likely to get drowned by ...

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Is your CRM system a waste of time and money?

Listen to my interview with Australia's leading CRM expert Gill Walker. She will open your eyes to the huge opportunities your CRM system will give you to develop more business. Which all of your Sales People will love!

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Why discounting in sales and in marketing can have negative results

There is no doubt that discounting is a powerful and effective tool for drawing in the crowds and increasing sales. No-one can argue with the fact that when it is done well, strategically and methodically, it enhances a brand message, leads to a higher return on investment in the long term and enhances customer relationships. But...

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Do You Have A Financial Safety Net In Place?

Are you really busy finding new clients, completing paperwork, making sure your business is running like clockwork? Are you so busy that you’ve not had time to make sure that you and your business are financially secure? In other words, if you were unable to work and your income stopped for whatever reason, would your business be able to continue?

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How Your Pre-pitch Behaviour Can Boost Sales

It was 3 o’clock on a cold wintery Friday afternoon and I was just about to see a new client for the first time. Great. Tired and longing for a ...

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How to Adapt Your Sales Pitch to Your Client’s Personality

Great salespeople have a unique voice, approach and style which reflects their personality – some people just seem to exude charisma. As with any perfect sales pitch, they are selling ...

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