Are you feeling lost and confused?

Failure comes in many different guises in business, but there is one factor I see again and again. So many marketing and selling campaigns fail simply because even astute managers and leaders struggle to understand the difference between tactics and strategy. So, welcome to strategy central. This article is meant to help you stop falling into the same trap.

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Why discounting in sales and in marketing can have negative results

There is no doubt that discounting is a powerful and effective tool for drawing in the crowds and increasing sales. No-one can argue with the fact that when it is done well, strategically and methodically, it enhances a brand message, leads to a higher return on investment in the long term and enhances customer relationships. But...

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The 4 Keys to Powerful, Engaging Public Speaking

The thought of public speaking for most people may seem a little awe-inspiring at first. But it is a skill which can be learned even by the most introverted wallflower. Every individual has an expertise or a story to tell and if you can quell the stress demons, gain the audiences’ trust, genuinely engage and explain succinctly how you can uniquely enable that sea of prospective clients to...

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Be Brave, Believe and Make Those Contacts!

There are two fundamental keys to successful selling.

The first is having a great resource of contacts which you know are either current or past clients, or individuals who are within ...

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Top Ten Tips for Writing Engaging Quality Web Content

Not all of us consider ourselves the next budding Shakespeare.

Not many of us actually enjoy writing. In fact, very few of us actually sit down to write with any confidence ...

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How to Avoid Groundhog Day

Most people have seen the film Groundhog Day. As the audience, we are in the lucky position where we are able to watch chuckle and guffaw as poor Bill Murray quietly goes mad as he becomes stuck in the bizarre situation where every day is the same as the day before.

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10 Ways to Avoid Procrastination and Get More Done

We all do it. In order to put off that piece of work we can spend our day overdosing on coffee, posting nonsense on twitter, checking and re-checking our emails, ...

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8 Factors to Include in Great Preparation

Sales can sometimes seem like a never ending factory line. You have a set template in your mind of how you will approach your target, you have years of experience in selling your company’s product, and you know that probability states that you will eventually hit that individual who wants to buy.

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7 Essentials to Get Motivated

Lack of motivation or despondency is like a virus. It’s catching. It only needs one bad apple in a group with poor motivation and a bad attitude to suck the life out of a project, nullify the enthusiasm of the others in the group and bring the project to a faltering full-stop. So can you nurture it? Is it something you can have control over?

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7 Lessons I Learned From My Dad’s Bankruptcy

A defining moment in my life was at the age of 16 when my dad went bankrupt. He owned his own business and was really passionate and knowledgeable about his product. But what he wasn’t so passionate and knowledgeable about was Sales and Marketing. He didn’t know how to attract prospective customers or how to convert them into high paying customers.

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